Last Goodbye to Abelar

My Horse

Times go by
first unknown and somehow,
we felt so free
you my horse ran quicker than those,
who did not want you anymore.
champion titles belonged to past,
with others over meadows you jumped,
stole once the expected wins
from greedy bettors,
who did not recognize your unique ego
without win there is no life for you,
your foals only average were much too slow.
I loved to give you a home,
did not care for your fading glory.
know how it feels being useless for others,
a pattern without value,
unable to work,
when friends turn their back.
They say, you are old,
you shall not suffer,
coming winter is a torture for you.
I cannot change it, so helpless and weak
Alas, wish we could live in peace,
could care for our common life.
Thank you, Abelar