Zyklus Hamburg III english

Bananas for the Victory
“What’s the matter? Why is my mother crying?
Why did my daddy come without a smile? Why is no one answering me?”
“Go and play outside. Here, eat this bread. I still had food stamps for some butter”.
Mother closed the door. I stood outside, where nobody understood my scary feelings.
Darkness fell when my daddy took me tenderly into his arms.
“I will leave as a soldier to gain the close victory”, he said
“Please, stay with me, I said under tears”.
“I will bring a bunch of bananas from a far country only for you.”
“Great, I whispered, then go and win”.
“Do you see these stars, the little wagon? Whenever you will see it, I can see it too.
I will always be near to you”.
The bananas he never brought; only cracker crumbs out of a khaki green bag.
The war was lost. Promises neglected.Future consists of hollow words,
while Daddy and I look up to the Little Wagon.


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