Zyklus Hamburg1943 II english

Hamburg 1943

My Hamburg is burning
maple trees are on fire,
stretching out their flaming branches
with tips reduced to gray-red ashes.
while through exploded windows flames swallowed homes.
Sinking in melted asphalt humans screamed and run for their life..
The family escaped while fire came nearer
father starts the car, tries to find his way through running humans,
A woman, so small, so black, is leaning dead to her kitchen table.
Furiously people hit their fists against the car,
he forgot the paper PRESS in the window’s corner
Father cries, cannot stop and help
his kids’ lifes must be saved,
had to come out of the inferno,
women poured water out of buckets
senseless efforts against Gomorrha’s desaster,
Helpless mother repeated: “close your eyes” and
sang with trembling voice good night rhymes,
while her children suck these pictures into their souls.


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