Ich schicke meine Seele auf Reisen
zu lange sperrte sie meinen Geist in ein engstirniges Geflecht
Lebensgewohnheiten, Vorurteile, Verbote kastrierten mein Denken
Dunkelheit strebt zum Licht, wo Freiheit auf Gedanken wartet
muehsam dringe ich in unbekannte Weiten, wo sich Geist und Seele vermaehlen
Wohin werde ich kommen, denke immer weiter, kein Ende ist in Sicht
Hinderlich ist das Korsett der Konventionen. Ich muss es ablegen,
will trotzdem niemanden verletzen.
Meine Seele reist durch das Universum allen Geistes. Ich bin frei.
© dodo



Swingboat of my feelings
once up, once deep down
the blue sky so far
green leaves so high and near
tumbling wind in my hair
buzzes in ears
downwards towards the planks
gray of endless footsteps
clinching the cold bars
the gondola is flying backwards up again
blind from speed I’m feeling the draft
enjoy the moment of standstill on the peak
before the dark depth will come again
wait for rising once more up to happiness
want only reach the blue sky.
© dodo



Schiffsschaukel meiner Gefuehle
mal hoch, mal weit unten
blau der Himmel zu fern
die Blätter so hoch und nah
Wind zerzaust die Haare
saust in den Ohren
abwärts den Planken entgegen
grau von endlosen Tritten
fest umklammert die kalten Stangen
flieht rueckwärts die Gondel nach oben
ich sehe nichts, fuehle nur den Luftzug
geniesse den Moment des Stillstands
bevor die dunkle Tiefe wiederkommt
warte auf das Steigen in die Höhe
will den blauen Himmel erreichen



grey and widely branched
fine twigs brave the wind
remember the green of birch leaves
the shimmering white of their stems
trying to reach the blue sky
framed by the intensive dark needle trees
quiet juice is waiting for new life
silent but trustful the grey tree
is standing white of snow
knowing his glamour will come back
© dodo

The Tree


Naked, bared from summer’s ego
leaves, red and yellow dancing somersaults
til only the tree’s skeleton stays.
Autumn storms blowing through branches
death waiting for the leaves.
Pouring rain swept them away
beautiful splendor now drowning in rain
leaves dropping one by one
no more joy of dancing
dirty leaves are covering the ground
naked the gray tree stands

Dreams are wandering back
green leaves moving softly in the wind
birds twittering, shaking their shiny feathers
blind with love jumping from twig to twig,
building busily their nest
for coming offspring.
Year by year it’s
the run of life, older than the tree
and summer passes by.
Presence never regrets
as long sunbeams are dancing over twigs and branches.

Too soon ice and snow let birds hide,
seeking for shelter of drafty wind
the fridge of nature offers goodies
shrews are nibbling from sweet berries
brewed so tasty under covering snow
juice lets drop them on their back
sunshine glitters diamonds in the snow.
The tree keeps silent when birds are drunk
tumbling, wobbling from twig to branch
enjoys to watch their game
happy to be useful from time to time.

Somehow I was always “too”…


Somehow I was always “too”….
First I was “too” small
to cross the street behind my ball
but I was a “too” big girl for crying
in mother’s lap the dog was lying.
At school I was “too” lazy
earlier teachers hit while fear made students crazy,
later I am “too” young for make-up
even more for a boy-friend. Father warns to blow him up,
only some time later I am “too” fat to attract a son-in-law
what shall I do,I cannot draw
the one, who is right for me.
I am “too” fat as everyone can see
friends argue I’m “too” loud
like thunderstorm in a cloud
threaten I am soon “too”old
will only find an oldie with a bald
Somehow I am always “too” small,”too” young,”too” old,”too”big or “too” thin
why do they care, I am not their darlin’
Finally I want to be a “too” shocking, “too” old and a “too” fatty attractive lady with a “too” young boy friend,
will enjoy this endless happiness without myself to change or bend.