Beloved Life

given to the baby, the newborn one
will your life be a success
from birth to death?
Will you be lucky
live in soft pillows?
Say, will your future be in pink?
Or will you be poor?
Parents here and there wish you the best
are dreaming you will study,
perhaps medicine or the civil rights
or marry a beautiful girl.
In seldom moments they are aware,
for them this life is junk for ever,
their highway to a better life is out of bounds.
At school are many Alis, Mustafas
who is learning from whom?
Finally they all know 200 words of German
no matter if Mustafa or Klaas.
Teachers try to educate this or that,
are angry or depressed, some give up,
and stupidness is growing bigger.



In the blink of my eye
I realize the significance of this moment,
the thought not yet in my mind
makes already presence to past;
for a moment I remember
there was a true, peaceful,
all embracing happiness.