Somehow I was always “too”…


Somehow I was always “too”….
First I was “too” small
to cross the street behind my ball
but I was a “too” big girl for crying
in mother’s lap the dog was lying.
At school I was “too” lazy
earlier teachers hit while fear made students crazy,
later I am “too” young for make-up
even more for a boy-friend. Father warns to blow him up,
only some time later I am “too” fat to attract a son-in-law
what shall I do,I cannot draw
the one, who is right for me.
I am “too” fat as everyone can see
friends argue I’m “too” loud
like thunderstorm in a cloud
threaten I am soon “too”old
will only find an oldie with a bald
Somehow I am always “too” small,”too” young,”too” old,”too”big or “too” thin
why do they care, I am not their darlin’
Finally I want to be a “too” shocking, “too” old and a “too” fatty attractive lady with a “too” young boy friend,
will enjoy this endless happiness without myself to change or bend.

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