WHY? A young man leaves his country. Obviously he did not see a future for his life there. In Finland he found shelter, food, money, surrounded by people who wanted to help him, who gave him a perspective for his future life.
Yesterday he took a knife and stabbed as many of these people he could get hold of. He killed two women and injured six more, as far as we know. He brought these women into life danger, Finnish ladies as well as tourists, who came to Finland to enjoy this peaceful country. The Finnish police stopped him by shooting into his leg. They saved his life while he killed unknown ladies, who have not done anything bad to him and injured many others. Brave people tried to prevent his murdering and catch him.
That is civil courage at its best! For this young Muslim from Marokko future life expectations ended yesterday. What a waste of life. What kind of a God is this Allah, who destroys his children?


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